Asphalt Maintenance in Oshawa & the Durham Region

Asphalt Maintenance in Oshawa, ON
Parking Lot Paving in Oshawa, ON

C. Aurora Paving Makes Asphalt Care and Asphalt Repair Simple

You probably give little thought to parking lot surfaces, commercial driveways or roadways until you hit a hidden pothole, trip on a wide crack or can barely see the parking lines as you reverse into a spot. Then, that pavement surface will dominate your mind during these unforeseen circumstances. C. Aurora Paving takes a proactive approach with our expert asphalt maintenance services in Oshawa and the Durham Region to address exposed and slightly damaged or warned out pavement surfaces. Our solutions prevent tripping hazards from cracks, damage to cars from pothole encounters, unorganized parking, poor curb appeal, and much more. 

What Does Preventative Asphalt Maintenance Entail?

Asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair can involve filling cracks or holes, patching up crumbling areas, and sealing the pavement’s surface for a smooth, uniform texture. We also strip and repaint old lines indicating parking spaces, pavement markings such as direction arrows and wheelchair symbols, and other similar cosmetic features. Our pavement maintenance services make commercial parking lots, industrial driveways, and roadways easily navigable for visitors.

Sustainable Asphalt Paving Practices

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Services

Nothing pulls a business front together quite like freshly painted parking lines on a sleek asphalt surface. Our parking lot upkeep services ensure you provide new and loyal customers, employees and tenants with an impeccable first impression every day. Plus, you will protect your staff and patrons from the perils of uneven surfaces. 

Municipal Asphalt Maintenance Services

Residents visit schools, city halls, and post offices daily to manage their lives as local citizens. Therefore, you want your municipal property’s pavement surface to support their constant comings and goings.

Schedule our municipal asphalt services to ensure a qualified team of experts handles such significant municipal asphalt paving projects.

C. Aurora Paving offers the following asphalt maintenance services in Durham Region and surrounding areas:

  • Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Asphalt Crack Sealing
  • Parking Stall Line Painting
  • Roadway Lines
  • Pavement Stencil Markings
  • Speed Bumps
  • Speed Humps
  • Asphalt Repairs
  • And More!


Commercial Asphalt Paving in Oshawa, ON
Parking Lot Maintenance in Oshawa, ON

Greener Asphalt Maintenance Services

Impeccably Paved Surfaces With Our Company

Since we have nearly half a century of industry experience, we can quickly complete projects involving asphalt and similar materials. Performing road maintenance for asphalt repair generally results in closed-down lanes and significant inconveniences. Therefore, we prioritize timely project completion with immaculate results for safer, long-lasting paved surfaces. 

Commercial Asphalt Repair in Oshawa, ON

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Call 905-435-0401 for asphalt maintenance services that match your business, factory, or governmental building in Ontario. C. Aurora Paving will provide a free project estimate and help determine when and where you might need other professional paving services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asphalt Maintenance

How often should I maintain my paved parking lot?

You should request asphalt maintenance services about once every two or three years.

How long do asphalt repair materials need to harden?

Asphalt repair materials need up to 72 hours to harden and cure. However, the curing time may depend on the weather.

Why does pavement become damaged?

The pavement becomes damaged because of moisture infiltrating and evaporating from the materials. Temperature fluctuations also cause the pavement to crack.


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