Interlock Work Services in Oshawa & the Durham Region

C. Aurora Paving Company finished interlock work on an Oshawa, Ontario residential driveway.
Finished interlock paving on a residential driveway with intricate design in Oshawa, ON.

Beautifying Ontario Properties With Interlock Stone

Interlock work services make your property appear unique with winding, carefully lain stones, bricks, and tiles that beautifully accentuate the surrounding landscape. C. Aurora Paving will source materials that add diverse textures and complementary colours through precise designs. Elevate your residential, commercial, or municipal property with hardscaping and interlock features from our craftsmen. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Interlocking Brick Projects

Like many other Canadians, you might think of plain, flat slabs when you picture paver work solutions. However, our team rediscovers the hidden artistry within these projects. Few outdoor paving services provide the level of freedom that interlocking brick projects offer. 

You can apply this paving method to almost any outdoor area. Our creativity and skilled masonry will result in a masterpiece that reflects your property’s unique character.

Residential Interlock Work Services

An interlock patio, driveway, walkway, or pool deck adds a charming, traditional touch to your homey residential property. Interlock installation services are a simple, attractive technique to apply a more rustic or ornate pavement to your property. We can also craft a custom interlock design to further imbue your personal paradise with unique decorative features. 

Commercial Interlock Work Services

Interlock work services can further elevate commercial properties featuring elegant landscaping. Restaurants, cafes, or public gardens can accentuate navigational structures. We’ll install an interlock walkway, seating area, or similar feature to invite patrons and visitors to enjoy the atmosphere.

Municipal Interlock Work Services

Municipal properties should feature stately landscaping designs which highlight the building’s authoritative purpose. An interlock walkway that leads from the parking lot to the entrance provides visitors with a dignified trip from their vehicles to the lobby. Let our municipal paving company design an elegant pathway highlighting your government building’s significant purpose.

C. Aurora Paving offers the following interlock work services in Durham Region and surrounding areas:

  • Interlock driveway
  • Interlock border
  • Interlock pool deck
  • Interlock steps
  • Interlock walkway
  • Interlock patio
  • And More!

Our Interlock Installation Services Prioritize Sustainability

We prioritize practices that protect our environment. Local ecosystems and broader habitats rely on paving companies like ours to do better with each service. Therefore, we responsibly source and use our resources, performing all pavement installations, repairs, and maintenance with sustainability in mind. 

Breathe Life Into Your Interlock Driveways, Patios, and Other Projects

Interlock installation services are just one of our many methods for polishing, improving, and protecting your paved surfaces and structures. A professionally lain interlock structure can last up to 30 years if consistently maintained. When you invest in these lasting, impactful structures, you trust a long-standing paving technique with a rich history.

Finished interlocking edging on a residential driveway in Oshawa, ON.
Finished interlock paving and edging on a residential driveway in Oshawa, ON.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are interlocking brick projects better than asphalt?

Interlocking brick projects are better than asphalt under circumstances where extreme temperatures cause the materials to expand and contract constantly. 

What maintenance do interlock surfaces need?

Interlock surfaces need occasional maintenance tasks like debris removal, power washing, stone alignment, and sand fill.

How long does interlock work last?

Interlock work can last up to 40 years with proper foundation, compaction, installation and maintenance. 

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