6 Common And Misleading Myths About Concrete BUSTED!

6 Common And Misleading Myths About Concrete BUSTED!

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Concrete has been used by civilizations for thousands of years. Here 6 common and misleading myths about concrete busted. Read for more info 

Concrete has been used by civilizations for thousands of years. In fact, the precursor to modern-day concrete was invented back in 1300 BC by Middle Eastern builders. Considering concrete is almost as old as time, it’s no surprise that countless misleading myths about it have stood the test of time too. And its prowess in today’s construction industries has led to competitors adding fuel to the myth-nurturing fire.

The problem is, these myths rob consumers like you of the opportunity to make informed decisions about which paving and construction materials serve them best. Our paving contractors have busted six common concrete myths to help you decide for yourself!

#1 Concrete Can Only Be Gray

Sure, concrete starts gray, but it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Multiple different mineral colors can easily be added to the mixture. Experienced contractors will blend them in while it’s still wet so that it hardens in the color of your choice.

#2 Concrete Is Cement

Although often used interchangeably, concrete and cement are not the same things.

Cement is a constituent, an ingredient, found in the concrete used for paving, along with water, sand or crushed gravel, paste, and additives. 

#3 Concrete Is Impermeable

Concrete is actually porous, meaning that liquids can be absorbed and pass through it. This is especially helpful for stormwater run-off and preventing standing water.

#4 Concrete With High Compressive Strength Is More Durable

Although concrete’s compressive strength indicates its strength, it doesn’t equate to durability.

Yes, the stronger the concrete, the better it holds up to heavyweights. However, its strength doesn’t help it withstand the weather, such as freeze-thaw cycles or sulfate reactions, as it’s porous. A high-quality sealant will reduce its permeability and increase its durability.

#5 Concrete Can Be Poured Across The Seasons

Concrete must be poured during the right conditions, so seasons matter.

If you lay concrete when it’s below freezing or scorching hot, the mixture won’t harden as it should. Our expert contractors recommend starting concrete projects during spring or autumn.

#6 Acid Is A Great Way To Strip Concrete Sealant

This myth is particularly destructive, as the acid is a harsh chemical that can cause severe deterioration in concrete. Use a sealant stripper or solvent instead!

Now that you know the truth―the real truth—you’re armed with everything you need to make an informed decision that suits your unique needs.

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