6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Asphalt!

6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Asphalt!

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Asphalt is the crowd-favorite paving material in construction industries across the globe. These 6 surprising things you didn’t know about asphalt! Read more 

Asphalt is the crowd-favorite paving material in construction industries across the globe. But you likely already know this. You see it in parking lots, driveways, sports courts, and schools. Its popularity stems from its benefits, which include:

  • Quick to install
  • Flexible, durable, and long-lasting
  • Withstands occasional overloading and temperature fluctuations
  • Smooth and safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces wear and tear on vehicles
  • No construction joints needed

Again, you likely know this after doing your research and experiencing asphalt paving yourself. So let me tell you six surprising things you don’t know about asphalt instead!

#1 Asphalt Was Used Thousands Of Years Ago

When excavations were conducted along the Euphrates river in Mesopotamia―now Iraq—evidence of asphalt being used was dated as far back as 3200 BC. Although they didn’t use it for roads, they did use it for floors, building material, and protecting their surfaces’ interiors. Surprisingly, they also used asphalt as a creative way to waterproof their baths and drains!

#2 Asphalt Is A Naturally Occurring Material

Surprisingly, asphalt occurs naturally in lakes and even in the Dead Sea! The largest natural deposit of asphalt was found in Pitch Lake in Trinidad, a Caribbean island. Although the Pitch Lake is only 100 acres, it’s been estimated that it has 10 million tons of asphalt!

#3 Asphalt Is One Of The Most Recycled Materials Worldwide

As asphalt is a naturally occurring material, it’s 100% recyclable. Even the binding agent used can be recycled and reused! This significantly reduces the need for manufacturing new materials or destructive mining efforts. This also means that divots and cracks are easily repaired through milling and reusing asphalt, taking the pressure off Australian taxpayers.

#4 Smooth Asphalt Roads Reduce Fuel Consumption

As asphalt paving and roads are smooth and stable, they reduce the rolling resistance of vehicles. There is less friction between tires and smooth asphalt, resulting in less power being needed, and thus, less fuel consumed.

In fact, one study found that smoother asphalt roads reduce fuel consumption by 4.5 percent in trucks alone! This has huge implications for individual and governmental savings, as well as for the health of our environment.

#5 Ancient Egyptians Were Mummified Using Asphalt

Asphalt from the Dead Sea was exported to Egypt and used by ancient Egyptians for traditional mummification. More specifically, asphalt was applied to the wrappings to prevent insects, fungi, moisture, and bacteria while slowing the bodies’ decay.

#6 Porous Asphalt Promotes Drainage

Drainage issues are common with some paving materials. When water can’t drain properly, it pools on the paving and surrounding landscape. This can degrade the paving over time while causing soil erosion and flooding problems. Luckily, there are porous types of asphalt created to combat this. They absorb precipitation and allow adequate run-off, preventing pooling and flooding.

Asphalt is more than a simple paving material; it holds history, mystery, and huge potential to reduce the burden on the environment and offer safe, smooth surfaces.

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