6 Warning Signs: It’s Time To Resurface Your Asphalt in Toronto

6 Warning Signs: It’s Time To Resurface Your Asphalt in Toronto

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Asphalt paving services can help you resurface your driveways when damage and weathering start to set in. 

There are many ways you can tell your outdoor space needs rejuvenation, and we are here to discuss six of the most common signs that you need assistance.  

Read on to find out more about what to look for. 

Standing Water

If you find water pooling on your paved surface, you need to investigate the state of your drainage. It could be blocked or generally ineffective for carrying the water away. Ideally, your areas will be sloped towards a gutter or dry well that can effectively channel the water away from the area. 

However, over time, pits, ruts, and depressions can form from pooling water, creating spaces for it to sit and causing more serious structural damage to the surface. 


Asphalt is a binder and aggregate, meaning it has components that work together to form a hardened surface. Over time, the aggregate can come loose from the binder and begin to form a gravel-like layer on top. As a result, you may notice loose pieces of stone on the surface or see that your driveway is starting to pit. 

Ravelling is treatable if you treat it right away, but ignored, the problem can spiral out of control and cost you a lot more to fix.

Alligator Cracks

When your driveway develops a series of overlapping cracks, they may start to divide the pavement into a series of small, broken sections. This problem is known as alligator cracking, as it resembles the teeth of these wide-mouthed reptiles. 

Cracks of this type may signal that the subbase under your pavement is no longer supporting the top layer effectively.

Missing Pieces

Once your driveway has begun to develop cracks along the surface, you may want to replace it immediately, as it could start to wash away the layers beneath much faster. 

However, if repairs get put off the problem can worsen over time. 

In addition, the degraded pieces of material may break away from the surface, leaving behind potholes and increasing the risk of damage to cars. You can repair the potholes when they appear or take a proactive approach and keep the surface in good condition. 

Multiple Failures

Two basic types of asphalt cracks affect residential and commercial driveways. Longitudinal cracks run along the length of the surface while transverse cracks run across it.

A few longitudinal or transverse cracks do not indicate that you must replace the whole surface layer. Still, they can signify that you need to seek professional advice on managing the situation effectively.

Old Age

With proper care, these durable surfaces can hold up well for years, but even the best ones don’t last forever. After 10-15 years, you may notice an increase in problems in the surface layer. For example, the surface may be lined with cracks and faded areas from years of taking the beating sun or even have crumbling areas. These must be repaired and replaced by professionals who can implement the best services. 

Asphalt paving services can help when you see signs of degradation and need driveway resurfacing. This rejuvenating process adds a new layer of materials to the area and maintains an even, smooth surface. 

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