Asphalt Maintenance: The Road To Preservation

Asphalt Maintenance: The Road To Preservation

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Have you ever driven on a rough, uneven, pothole-ridden road that gave you enough anxiety to last a lifetime, but then one day saw a glimmer of hope for your car’s suspension when the worst area had been repaired? 

Well, that’s what we do! We are asphalt maintenance pros, aiming to give your car and your sanity a smoother ride! 

The transition from the rough and crumbling paving to the new and smooth surface changes the entire atmosphere of your daily commute. Before, you could hardly hear the radio over the friction of your wheels on the road, and your hands would go numb from the excessive vibrations. But now, it feels like you’re driving on air, and it’s honestly the best feeling in the world!

Asphalt maintenance is essential to preserving the integrity and health of asphalt paving, whether it’s a commercial parking lot, residential driveway, or roadway, as continuous maintenance ensures the surface is safe and easy to use. 

So, if your asphalt paving has seen better days, it may be time to call in the professionals at C. Aurora Paving Ltd for asphalt maintenance services that will have your paving looking as good as new! 

Preventative Maintenance For Your Commercial Parking Lot. 

Your parking lot is likely not the most attractive aspect of your business, but it does present the perfect opportunity to create lasting first impressions with your customers. In addition, when you practice preventative maintenance, you can save money in the long run by reducing repair costs while preserving its aesthetic value for years to come. 

Practice these three preventive maintenance measures:

  1. Keep the paving clean. Regular cleaning is important to maintain your asphalt paving. You should remove surface debris such as leaves and dirt and address oil and fuel stains as soon as they appear. Oil and fuel can significantly deteriorate your paving if left untreated. 
  2. Repair cracks immediately. Cracks in the paving can worsen over time and allow water filtration, which eventually leads to potholes and foundation degradation. Therefore, you should fill the cracks as soon as they appear. Schedule a monthly inspection to identify cracks and other flaws in your paving.
  3. Sealcoating. Asphalt paving should receive a seal coating every three to five years to fill surface cracks and protect it from harsh elements. Seal coating extends the lifespan of the paving and saves you a significant amount of money in repairs. 

Don’t let your asphalt paving fade away! 

Instead, get in touch with C. Aurora Paving Ltd today for professional asphalt maintenance services!