Beautiful Driveways For Your Asphalt Services Contractor To Make

Beautiful Driveways For Your Asphalt Services Contractor To Make

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When you are building a new home, offices for your business. One of the decisions might be regarding the driveway configurations. Read more.

When you are building a new home, offices for your business or renovating your boutique hotel you will no doubt have thousands of decisions to make.

One of the decisions might be regarding the driveway configurations or the resurfacing an existing driveway.  Or it might be about how driveway design will visually talk to the architecture and styling of the building.

As with every design decision, the design you choose for your asphalt driveway services company to install is an opportunity to add profound curb side appeal to the property.  Curb side appeal is of critical importance not only for resale value but for the first impressions and evaluations of customers or hotel guests.

In this regard, forward planning, careful considerations and a little creativity should deliver a superb outcome.  To help you along in this stage of your journey, we have collated some ideas for driveway designs.  We hope they solve problems or inspire you to get those creative juices flowing!


A rounded or circular driveway design can be very elegant whilst simultaneously being very practical. The circle should have at least a quarter of the circumference “chopped off” i.e. not a full circle otherwise there is risk of looking like a polka dot. 

This type of design gives wonderful accessibility and divides up the space in front of the building.  It lends itself to some wonderful display opportunities from the landscaping architect and you can get very creative with plant decisions along the edges!

Driveway Aprons

These are a great solution if you have a straight driveway that you might find boring.  These usually lead straight onto the property from the road.  A decorative driveway apron can be used to guide office visitors and hotel guests towards another area.

They also offer additional parking and an opportunity to reverse a car into for turning around.

You can plant along the border or use metre high rectangular pots to create a striking display.

Branched Driveways

These are good solution for multi-vehicle homes, hotels and offices.  This is because they facilitate multi cars to be parked but without being a big slab of parking lot next to your building. 

It is basically a multi-aproned driveway which creates wonderful visual interest and works brilliantly with a landscape design that interplays with the branching.

Asphalt Options

Stamps and patterns – There is a huge variety of stamps and patterns that can be put into asphalt driveways from brick patterns to slate paver.  The symmetrical and abstract patterning driveway designs completely elevate simple asphalt into a talking point.  And you still have the amazing strength and longevity of asphalt!

Coloured asphalt – This product is used globally in many applications for designating cycling lanes, bus lanes, demarcating sidewalks, tennis courts, and beautifying driveways and walkways on private properties. It creates a unique, crisp, creative aesthetic to your home or business, unifying the overall appearance of the property.

Call the helpful C. Aurora Paving team if you have any questions or need advice. We’re happy to help. After over 30 years’ of successful driveways, the process is simple, streamlined, and stress-free.  Our highly trained team will make it happen.