Choose An Asphalt Paving Contractor: 5 Questions To Ask

Choose An Asphalt Paving Contractor: 5 Questions To Ask

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The right asphalt paving contractor can make all the difference between a quality, and a troublesome. Ask these 5 questions when choosing the right contractor 

The right asphalt paving contractor can make all the difference between a quality, hassle-free project, and a troublesome, financial loss project. To help you choose a contractor, here are key questions to run them through:

1) How Long Has Your Company Been In Business?

It’s important to choose a contractor with a proven history. They should be able to provide evidence of several years of experience. Projects over the years will always present unusual challenges, and this develops extensive knowledge of workarounds that is not acquired in standard training. This can ensure your project is done by skilled professionals. 

2) Can You Send Me Five References With Sites To Visit?

Any contractor, the Asphalt Paving contractor, or other, needs to supply you with at least five references that you can call. Ask the references that you call if you may visit their site to view the work. Choose references that are older (the project) so that you can see the longevity of the work.

3) Which Project Elements Would You Rate As The Most Important?

If your chosen contractors have made it through the first two steps, it’s time to test them further. Enquire as to which elements of a project they believe to be the most important. You should expect to be advised of their approach in a confident manner. Listen carefully, make notes of their processes so that you can refer to it if you go ahead with them. They should also have noted what you have listed as a priority to them and should be smart enough to include that in their “important elements” answer to you.

4) What Areas In And Around Ontario Do You Serve?

Before your final choice of your contractor, be sure to verify the areas that they serve. This is to confirm whether they stretch themselves too far over too vast an area. It is arguable that if your preferred contractor serves several different states, their resources could be overly stretched, and calling back for snags will be a tedious, frustrating process.

5) A Professional Choice

At C Aurora Paving, we offer the ultimate professional service as an asphalt paving service provider. We have an impeccable reputation trusted by both homeowners and business owners. We can offer the services of paving, patching (long-term or emergencies), sealcoating, and resurfacing. If you require a new driveway or parking lot, an emergency repair, or a protective sealcoat Caurora Paving can meet and exceed your needs.

We’re proud of work, our quality, and our team. We assure you we can answer all of the above asphalt paving contractor questions positively. We’ve been in business for over 47 years, which translates to enormous knowledge and expertise. We can provide ample references for you and discuss our work and the longevity of our projects. 

We have profound knowledge of design, durability, materials, and execution. With our assistance, you can select the correct design and features for your treasured investment.

Are you ready to start your next project with a professional team of asphalt paving contractors you can count on to exceed your expectations and not your budget?

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