Common Asphalt Distresses Which Require A Driveway Repair Service

Common Asphalt Distresses Which Require A Driveway Repair Service

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 While asphalt driveways have their benefits over gravel or concrete driveways, they still require some maintenance and repair. Read common asphalt distresses 

But, how do you know when a driveway DIY fix will do or professional repair services are needed? Understanding the extent, type, and cause of deterioration is the first step.

In this blog, we look at the common distresses which driveway repair services can tackle.

Cracks Need To Be Tackled

When it comes to asphalt driveway repairs, tackling cracks depends on the type. While some cracks are caused by extreme temperature and environmental changes, others are caused by weight, wear, and tear.

Whether it’s fatigue cracking, block cracking, edge cracking, or longitudinal cracking, professional repairs are the best option to fix this problem.

Without it, these cracks will continue to compromise your asphalt, weakening it and paving the way for future cracks.

Distorting Driveway

If an unstable asphalt mix was used when installing your asphalt driveway, subgrade layers or base weakness will distort it over time. Forms of distortion include rutting, depressions, patch failures, shoving and swelling.

If you notice your driveway has been disrupted like this, you’ll need the help of professional repairs. Otherwise, you risk accidents, falls, and further damage!

Disintegrating Driveway

When your asphalt driveway starts to disintegrate, it’s time to call in the professionals to perform a driveway repair service ASAP!

Over time, your driveway might start breaking up into smaller pieces from the weight of vehicles driving and standing over it.

This causes it to form ravelling and potholes, making your driveway unsafe for normal use. And as we all know, potholes continue to grow until they look like a crater, greatly marring the curb appeal of your property!

Water Welling Up

When your asphalt driveway doesn’t allow water runoff, and excess water and lubricant remain on the surface of your driveway for an extended period, skidding hazards arise!

Professional repairs ensure that the surface remains water-free and that skid resistance is maintained, keeping you safe.

Streaking Surface

Driveway surfaces can experience distress over time as well, including streaking and loss of cover aggregate.

Repair services will counteract the loss of cover aggregate and repair streaking issues to ensure your driveway surface is in tip-top shape.

Now that you can identify when you need professional driveway repair service, how do you know who to call?

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