Concrete Refinishing Vs. Resurfacing in Durham

Concrete Refinishing Vs. Resurfacing in Durham

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Concrete has endured the test of time as a building material for thousands of years. Without it, Rome would never have been constructed. Nonetheless, concrete driveways and surfaces in modern life (early twentieth century and onward) have difficulties requiring new concrete construction. A few of the issues, such as spalling and cracking, are functional. Others are purely aesthetic, such as coloured concrete floors that have faded or been washed in some sections, causing colour variations. Thankfully, both of these issues have been resolved through refinishing or resurfacing. However, it’s important to note that refinishing and resurfacing are two very separate processes with entirely different results. We’ll go over the differences in Durham paving here.

Refinishing Concrete

That is purely an aesthetic preference. It’s all about changing or restoring the colours of exposed concrete flooring, which can be seen in some homes and businesses. As a result, C. Aurora Paving Ltd provides preventative maintenance to residential and commercial driveways and parking lots to ensure that their surfaces survive better. To ensure that your asphalt paving lasts, we apply an acrylic sealant and hot liquid fillers. After the surface has been prepared, a chemical densifier is applied to fill holes and pores, and the floor is reground using a finer gauge floor polisher in numerous passes, if necessary. The brighter the surface, the finer the polish. It’s a popular aesthetic in both light commercial/retail settings and modern-style homes. It’s also environmentally friendly because no glues, carpeting, laminates, or wood are used to cover it. So when your driveway needs to be removed and reinstalled, C. Aurora Paving Ltd is your solution. 

Resurfacing of Concrete

Discoloration and cracks in concrete driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces are expected. Resurfacing is one technique to deal with them.

The procedure entails removing loose material (including flexible concrete) and oil and grease stains. After that, a pressure washer is used to partially hydrate the existing surface to reduce the amount of water drawn into the old concrete by the resurfacing mix.

Maintaining the condition of your driveways and paving is critical. Concrete resurfacing, like asphalt paving, is much less expensive than completely replacing a driveway or sidewalk. C. Aurora Paving Ltd is the company to call when your paving has to be removed and reinstalled. So don’t delay or postpone too much. Give us a call when you need Durham paving, resurfacing, or repairs on your asphalt driveway!