FAQs: Installing An Asphalt Driveway Yourself

FAQs: Installing An Asphalt Driveway Yourself

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 Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about  Installing An Asphalt Driveway Yourself. Check out our listed question now!

Home renovations and revamps are always a fun experience, with many homeowners taking the DIY plunge during the pandemic.

From the interior to exterior, they seek to put their personal touch and elbow grease into their home-sweet-homes. Driveways, in particular, have been the object of homeowners’ DIY desires.

After receiving and remedying countless questions around installing asphalt driveways, our paving professionals want you to be informed.

In this blog, they’ve provided their answers to the most frequently asked questions!

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Expecting a contractor to throw out a number won’t help. With so many variables to take into consideration, costing an asphalt driveway installation is not a simple, exact science.

However, we can give you an exact answer if you’re choosing to install your asphalt driveway yourself! So, how much does it cost? More than you’ve budgeted for!

Expect to pay way above contractor estimations as you face future costly problems which will, in certainty, arise without the skills, tools, and tactics of trained professionals.

Q: Should A Driveway Crack?

A: Yes and no.

If you’ve implemented control joints, checked the grade of the base or soil, layered your asphalt with the correct thickness, and are using the highest quality asphalt, then no, it should not crack.

However, for most DIY jobs, without the technical tactics above, expect your DIY asphalt driveway to render a giant crack a day or two after being installed.

Q: How Important Is Drainage Planning?

A: Well, how important are your belongings in your home? What value do you hold on the items stored on your garage floor? Do you have enough mops and buckets?

Failing to put a proper drainage plan in place that directs water away from your property means you’ll be spending time mopping up masses of water in your garage and property.

It also means you’ll always be walking through wet puddles that have been standing since last season’s rains.

Save your property, shoes, and socks from avoidable soaking and get professionals in to ensure correct drainage is implemented during your installation process.

The Important Question To Ask

The most important question you need to ask – should installing an asphalt driveway be a DIY job? The answer: absolutely not.

Unfortunately, driveways deal with heavy vehicles, foot traffic, weather, and time. To forego future costly catastrophes, it needs an impeccable installation.

C Aurora Paving is the answer to your high quality, affordable asphalt driveway installation. As a homeowner seeking a new long-lasting, durable driveway, email or call our experts!