How To Budget For Your Office Driveway Repaving

How To Budget For Your Office Driveway Repaving

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Keeping a business successful requires owners to be careful with cost decisions. Repaving your office or factories driveway is a big ticket item but it can’t be ignored or the delayed project may have a higher price tag due to severe damage.

We want to help reduce the impact of that price tag by discussing careful planning and, being positively pro-active, to discuss value-adding, money-saving maintenance.

Budget For Repaving Projects

It would be prudent to budget for a major overhaul of asphalt surfaces on your business or municipality property every 10 years.

This is not a total repaving project.   With astute maintenance and guidance from your preferred asphalt paving contractor you can maintain the existing surface to leverage the value for budget spent.

Maintenance Options:

The first thing to do is to determine the problems on hand and then nominate which option works for your budget and business.

Cracks Larger Than ¼ Inch

Large cracks in the surface should be cleaned, repaired and filled urgently.  This stops water seeping in and damaging the sub-base which is very important. This extends the life of your asphalt.

Faded Asphalt

Sealcoating is a great solution. It makes your asphalt easier to clean, protects the surface from harsh weather, protects it from daily wear and tear and makes the asphalt look smashing again! Doing a sealcoat service every two years is cost-effective and really extends the life of your asphalt!  Long term savings.


If you have spreading cracked areas and potholes then you have serious problems on your hands!  An expensive future repair or resurfacing project is on the cards.  Immediate action and repair might avoid this but significant damage will have been done.

Potholes and cracked sections must be prepared before any cold temperatures arrive. Water is penetrating the surface, causing more cracks.  They will also impede snow removal, and create slip-and-trip hazards for pedestrians which has legal ramifications.


If the structure is good but stains are making it look tatty, you can remove the stains via a do-it-yourself project.  Consider using a professional street sweepers vehicles that uses high pressure jets of water and industrial brush heads to clean asphalt.

Repaving Options

If it is concluded that repaving is the correct solution, then choose from the asphalt options available:

Porous Asphalt – Water drains through the asphalt and into a stone bed below.  It then filters back to the aquifers below. This solution is green and has long-term cost savings. Local governments charge developers or businesses storm-water impact fees for infrastructure to process water run-off from parking lots or playgrounds.  Porous asphalt eliminates these impact fees and the need for an expensive storm-water management solution.

Downtime – A large asphalt parking lot or playground you can be phased so that your project does not interrupt your tenants or customers.

Call the helpful C. Aurora Paving team if you have any questions or need advice. We’re happy to help. After over 30 years’ of successful driveway pavings, the process is simple, streamlined, and stress-free.  Our highly trained team will make it happen.