How To Prepare Asphalt Paving For Snowy Winters?

How To Prepare Asphalt Paving For Snowy Winters?

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Take a detailed look at what you can do to prepare your asphalt paving for winters. Read more what’s it’s essential to prepare your asphalt paving?

Although Canada is enjoying the onset of summer, now is the best time to start preparing your asphalt paving for winter. Asphalt paving services work all year round, laying new asphalt, repairing roads and filling in potholes. However, considering Canadian winters, it’s essential to prepare your asphalt paving before the cold weather arrives, so that less damage is sustained. Here’s how we do it at C. Aurora Paving Ltd:

Prepare the Asphalt for Cold Weather with Repairs

When there’s moisture in the air and on the ground, asphalt is known to expand and contract. So while you might not see any damage occurring during the spring and summer months, repairs and maintenance need to be performed to prepare the asphalt paving for wet snows. The steps you can take to prepare the asphalt paving are as follows:

· Repair potholes – water pools in potholes and expands the asphalt, making them larger.

· Fill in cracks – Cracks allow water to seep underneath the asphalt, which compromises the sub-base.

· Apply a seal coat – a sealant that protects asphalt paving from harsh weather and temperatures in winter.

Clean Up Debris

Driveways and parking lots pick up a lot of debris, especially during the Fall. When the snow starts falling heavily, it will need to be removed regularly so that you can come and go in your vehicle. However, debris beneath the snow can damage your asphalt paving while the snow is removed. It’s best to keep your asphalt paving clean of all debris before the first snows so that they don’t get trapped underneath the ice. It’s much more difficult to remove debris that is frozen to the ground without damaging the asphalt! An asphalt paving service will use brooms, blowers, or even pressure washers to clean the asphalt for you. It’s best to have a professional do this for you, like C. Aurora Paving Ltd.

Look For Standing Water

As you prepare your asphalt paving for winter, look out for areas that could be prone to pooling water. Once the snows start to melt, those areas which collect standing water or large puddles could need to be repaired. However, you can solve this problem by getting your asphalt paving service to level the surface beforehand, which is more cost-effective than performing repairs.

Preparing your home or business for winter is not easy, and the damage sustained after long months of snowfall can get expensive. Instead, wouldn’t it be easier to prepare your asphalt paving ahead of time? Talk to C. Aurora Paving Ltd for more options regarding asphalt paving services.