How to Prepare Commercial Asphalt for Wet Weather

How to Prepare Commercial Asphalt for Wet Weather

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When you prepare commercial asphalt for wet weather in Pickering, you are protecting yourself from damage or extra costs down the road. These spaces can last for decades without issue with the right treatment and care. 

In addition, monitoring your paved surfaces, from roadways to walkways and parking areas, allows you to watch for signs of impending issues. 

Read on to find out more about prepping for the wet weather

Keep It Clean

Keeping your parking lot clean and tidy is a year-round necessity, but it needs a little extra effort during the rainy season. Garbage, debris, and chemical spills in the parking lot are common during the rains and must be proactively cleaned. 

In addition, if you offer your parking lot space to customers as a service, having a clean parking lot helps create a positive impression on the customers.

Watch For Pools

Your paved parking lot must have a drainage system that can effectively move the water away from the surface. Rain can accumulate on the paved surface if the drainage is ineffective, leading to pooling water and degradation over time. Inspect your parking lot regularly to identify areas where rainwater might be pooling. 

If you find a problem area, you must ensure to implement a solution that channels the moisture away. Pooling water is dangerous for drivers as well as the integrity of the surface material. 

Fix Appearing Issues

Cracks, even the smallest ones, are a sign of hazard. It’s dangerous for customers and their vehicles and can expose your parking lot foundation. Get your parking lot inspected by a professional paving services company that can do the repair work. The longer you wait, the worse it will get, and the more it costs to get the repair work done.

Commercial asphalt paving in Pickering needs to be properly cared for to last its intended lifetime. 

When you work with professionals who understand these materials, you can ensure that you are prepared for the rainy seasons with all drainage and protection elements in place before the wet arrives. 

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