How To Prepare For An Asphalt Driveway Installation In Durham

How To Prepare For An Asphalt Driveway Installation In Durham

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Congratulations! The fact that you’re here reading this blog shows your commitment to ensuring your asphalt driveway installation is smooth, stress-free, and successful. Most Durham homeowners tend to not even consider preparing for this large project until their pavers arrive, asphalt warm and at the ready! This can easily extend the project, meaning you won’t have access to your driveway for even longer than expected.

Luckily, the pavers at C Aurora Paving have three great tips to help you prepare and ensure that your asphalt driveway installation is completed according to the agreed-upon date. Let’s dive in!

Notify Your Neighbours

With heavy-machinery, operators, and pavers working on your home, there’s bound to be a lot of noise. Notify your neighbours about this project ahead of time so that they can schedule their lives around it. They’ll be able to postpone meetings or social gatherings, take their children to sleepovers, and work at the office while the installation is happening. If they’re surprised by this project, they may be quite upset about it. Trust me – they’ll thank you (and you’ll definitely thank me)!

Keep Your Cars On The Curb

If you plan on being out-and-about, doing errands, or going to-and-from work while your asphalt driveway installation is happening, you should keep your cars parked out on the curb. When the installation is underway, you won’t be able to drive on your driveway until after the surface is prepared, asphalt is laid, and subsequently cured to withstand the weight of your vehicles without sustaining any damage or becoming weakened. This will also ensure that your actual vehicles are not damaged during this process, as space will be limited.

Keep Your Kids Aware

It’s important that your children are made aware of the installation process and that they must stay away – remember, your driveway is not a full-blown construction site with all the bells, whistles, and heavy-machinery that comes with it. If possible, having them sleepover with family or friends is probably the safest option. Otherwise, show them exactly where they should not go during the installation to ensure that they stay safe and don’t damage the asphalt while it’s curing.

As you can see, the preparation for an asphalt driveway installation isn’t much at all. However, all the more reason to ensure you do it properly! This way, your driveway will be completed in a matter of days and be something you can be proud of. This also depends on the Durham pavers you choose to hire! At C Aurora Paving, we’ve earned a wonderful reputation after paving driveways for over 40 years. With our expertise and positive professional relationships with material manufacturers, you’ll enjoy an asphalt driveway that will outlast you!

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