Parking Lot Paving: Asphalt or Concrete

Parking Lot Paving: Asphalt or Concrete

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If you have a parking lot and want some paving services over here but are confused to choose the right or perfect material just check out our article.

Paving is ruled by two primary substances in the world: asphalt and concrete. Each one can offer relevant outcomes for paving anything from driveways, roads to parking lots. However, that does not indicate that the two materials will produce similar effects for all purposes. We have discussed information to make an informed judgment about which material will best suit your requirements.


People ask when choosing between asphalt and concrete what sort of differentiation in lifespan they can foresee. Usually, a concrete surface will outwear an asphalt surface. The typical asphalt pavement, by variation, lasts typically between 12 and 20 years. Most concrete pavements have a lifetime of within 30 and 50 years. No matter what kind of paving material you prefer, getting it installed by an experienced professional is essential.


The additional durability of an efficiently installed concrete pavement comes at a more expensive cost. The variations in concrete and asphalt expenses indicate that installing a concrete surface needs more time and preparation. It would be best if you constructed a frame-built application around the pour site. The sub-base should be correctly smoothed and appropriately preserve the fresh concrete against excess evaporation while it’s drying. Regarding overall value, most builders will agree that asphalt is the better choice.

Environmental Impact

Concrete and asphalt are the most commonly recycled construction materials in the world. The overflow of substances from various job sites is constantly deposited at a waste material factory to be reused for future usage. You can relax comfortably knowing that the environmental impact will be the same despite your choice of building material, concrete or asphalt.


While making a financial judgment, it is necessary to weigh the costs of maintaining your pavement as time progresses. In general, asphalt demands more regular upkeep —generally in the application of seal coating — to shield against cracks, potholes and various problems. Premeditate having your asphalt seal coated approximately every two years for the highest support. You can additionally seal the concrete to increase its environmental protection, although it occupies a greater quantity of natural endurance than asphalt. Nevertheless, susceptibility to elements like deicing salts and water can boost the speed of concrete degeneration.

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