Preparing Commercial Asphalt For Wet Weather

Preparing Commercial Asphalt For Wet Weather

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Commercial Paving Company | 0 comments

You can prevent serious damage in the future by preparing your commercial asphalt paving in Cobourg for wet weather. With proper maintenance, these surfaces can last for many years without any problems.

Monitoring throughout the year is beneficial in the long run. This applies to all paved surfaces, including your roads, walkways, and parking lots. With a watchful eye, you can stay on top of any warning signs, possible problems, and worsening conditions.

Continue reading to learn more about preparing for the cooler and rainier seasons.

Removing Debris and Dirt 

Year-round maintenance of your parking lot is required, but the rainy season necessitates a little more work. Although this may not sound ideal to you, it can help you save on future costly bills due to repairs and resurfacing. In the parking lot, trash, garbage, and chemical spills are frequent in the rain and need to be cleaned up immediately. Additionally, maintaining a spotless parking lot contributes to making a good first impression on visitors who may use the parking spaces.

Reducing Pooled Water

A drainage system that can efficiently transfer the water away from the surface is required for your asphalt parking lot. If the drainage is inadequate, rain might build up on the paved surface, resulting in water pooling and eventual deterioration.

Check your parking lot frequently to spot any potential rainwater ponding locations. If you locate a problem spot, be sure to put a fix in place that directs the moisture elsewhere. Both drivers and the integrity of the surface material are at risk when there is pooling water.

Proactive Prevention

Even the smallest cracks indicate a potential risk. Customers and their vehicles could be at risk, and the foundation of your parking lot could be compromised. Obtain a competent paving services business that can perform the repairs to inspect your parking lot. The longer you wait, the worse it will get and the more money you’ll have to spend on repairs.

To maintain its intended lifespan, commercial asphalt paving in Cobourg needs to be regularly maintained. You can prepare for all four seasons and inclement weather all year.

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