Preparing For Your Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Budget

Preparing For Your Asphalt Paving Parking Lot Budget

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There are a few basic factors that can easily swing your parking lot costs from one end of the spectrum to the other. Click here to read.

To this day, many businesses choose asphalt paving parking lots for the cost savings, but there are several other factors besides the asphalt that influence the cost of the parking lot. While asphalt remains one of the most cost-effective paving materials, unforeseen project costs can quickly spiral the situation out of hand and throw you over budget. Avoid any unpleasant surprises by looking over our recommendations for you to consider when planning your parking lot and speak to us if you have any queries. At C. Aurora Paving we honour our client needs and pride ourselves on the very best in quality, service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

Evaluate The Space Before You Get Started

There are a few basic factors that can easily swing your parking lot costs from one end of the spectrum to the other if not given proper thought and consideration. Some of these are simple to identify and can easily be assessed for potential solutions or cost-requirements. The first of these and perhaps the most obvious, is the actual geography of the space you intend to use. What is the general topography of the area? Hilly areas tend to incur more costs than plateaus. Soil conditions affect this too and make a project more challenging. Sandy soil may require the addition of other materials to stabilise the area, for example. The parking grade is significant to the costing as well. Above grade (above the ground) can cost substantially less than the below-grade (underground) parking structures, especially those that dig down several levels.

Designed Parking Lot Features That Affect Cost Projections

There are multiple design features that you could opt for when it comes to creating the perfect parking lot, but at what cost? Make sure to discuss these options ahead of time so that you can fully evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio. Aspects such as the parking lot size and capacity, the structural system (long-span versus short-span layouts), drainage features, or aesthetics (such as painted lines for example) are all necessary considerations and expenses that vary in cost depending on the variant you select.

At C. Aurora Paving we believe in a client-centric approach. Please feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss any queries you may have or to get an estimate for your asphalt paving parking lot project. You can reach us by calling 905-435-0401, by e-mailing, or by filling in our online request form here. We look forward to hearing from you!