Proper Sewer Construction Ensures Lasting Asphalt Paving

Proper Sewer Construction Ensures Lasting Asphalt Paving

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When building a long-lasting pavement, the most crucial factor in guaranteeing long-term asphalt performance is proper drainage of the pavement structure. Sewer construction is also necessary because they transfer sewage safely to industrial wastewater facilities to get reused and recycled. However, what goes into the design and construction of a typical sewer system? Continue reading to find out.

Removal of Asphalt

We would have to use a milling machine to remove your current asphalt, which grinds it up to remove and repurpose. However, why remove rather than repair? To begin your sewer construction, we’ll need to get to the gravel base. It is, however, required for older asphalt pavement. Over time, asphalt deteriorates, becoming rough, uneven, and challenging to clean, drive, or walk on! So you’ll not only be safer and more satisfied with new asphalt, but you’ll also boost the value of your home with gleaming new asphalt pavement that will last at least 20 years!

Sewer Construction And Grading

Digging trenches for the pipes is the next phase. Sand is frequently placed in channels to guarantee that the lines are supported at all times. Next, we’ll grade the ground in preparation for the building and design of your sanitary sewer system. That entails taking soil from above and transferring it into the trenches to level the surface. That guarantees that your sewage runs freely, preventing bottlenecks and collection. Next, you’ll get better drainage and avoid precipitation from saturating your pavers by grading with a bit of slope. That increases its tensile strength, preventing cracks and potholes. Following that, your sewer system will be built and tailored to meet the specific needs of your property. Trenches will be backfilled with dirt after the pipes have been installed.


The sub-base will next be prepared so that your new asphalt has a firm surface to attach to. After that, we’ll bring the hot-mix asphalt to your location and lay two layers of it down. The binder asphalt is the initial layer. The top coat, which gives your paving a smooth finish, is the second step. Finally, we’ll condense it and remark any lines once it’s finished!

Asphalt is far more weight-bearing than concrete, which is why it’s the most fantastic option for paving and driveways! It’s also less expensive to install and better handles heat changes.

The procedure is straightforward, sleek, and stress-free. With more than 30 years of successful sewer construction and design experience, C. Aurora Paving Ltd. is a company that specializes in paving.