Pros and Cons of Stone Paved Driveways

Pros and Cons of Stone Paved Driveways

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Stone paved driveways are remarkably durable and can handle the weight of cars without cracking or becoming damaged. Read further on the pros and cons.

Driveways are continually being utilized daily by the household’s cars and blasted by the sun’s harmful rays. They are prone to require repaving faster than other home details. If you have cracked compact gravel or a driveway, you might be considering a stone-paved driveway as your next alternative. Before you spend any money, we have discussed the pros and cons to help you make a decision.

Pro: No After-Installation Waiting Time

The best part about having your home stone paved driveway installed is that you can immediately use your driveway when the job has been completed. Compared to other materials and concrete, you are not required to let it immerse on the foundation. The stone-paved driveway does not need any set period. The minute the driveway has been installed, you can use it any way you like and drive on it.

Con: Expensive Materials and Installation

A gravel driveway comprises a blend of clay, rocks and sand, compressed into a moderately solid surface area. A stone-paved driveway generally is simply detached stones, commonly discharged across a gravel foundation.

If you’re contemplating installing paving stones over your driveway, you will most probably receive a costly installation and material invoice. The cost arises from hiring professional technicians that can create unbelievable plans with stone material and stones. If you require information regarding cost information, it is recommended to seek C. Aurora Paving Ltd’s advice. 

Pro: Additional Design Options for Paving Your Driveway

It’s safe to state that most people don’t perceive their driveway as part of the aesthetics of their home. Although, a stone-paved driveway can instantly transform that idea. Stone paving can be set out in just about whatever design you want. That might assist you in enhancing your house’s artistic attraction and, therefore, the broad curb appeal.  

Concrete is pretty much everywhere we look. It is applied in parking lots, business entryways, sidewalks, and much more. It has an industrial or commercial and even practical look to it. It is functional, and it is cold.

The difference being, a stone-paved driveway has a more personal and warmer look that will ensure your house looks like a home – not another cookie-cutter property or business. 

Stone paving is easy to maintain and has an attractive curb appeal. It has a low-maintenance installation that will modify the look of the exterior of your home. Contact C. Aurora Paving Ltd for more information on our stone-paved driveway services.