Take Care To Avoid Parking Lot Paving Disrepair And Liabilities

Take Care To Avoid Parking Lot Paving Disrepair And Liabilities

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Whether at a large office block or shopping centre, parking lots are busy places. You should not be negligent when it comes to your parking lot. Check out why!

Whether at a large office block or shopping centre, parking lots are busy places. With heavy foot traffic from patrons, employees, and vehicles coming and going, your parking lot paving feels the stress of the daily grind!

 You should not be negligent when it comes to your parking lot paving, with neglect resulting in possible costly liabilities, injuries, and accidents. 

The Problems Of Poor Parking Lot Paving

Along with speed bumps, security, lighting, and any accidents, pavement and paving maintenance fall under the responsibilities of the premises owner.

You must take care of the paving to prevent and fix dangerous conditions which could lead to liabilities, injuries, and accidents.

Making the parking lot as safe as possible for those who use it is of utmost importance – for your financial and personal peace of mind.

From exposure to the elements and the test of time, your paving is prone to cracking, shovelling, oil, and potholes. Slick and uneven paving is begging for injuries, slips, and accidents.

To avoid costly liabilities and legal disputes, call in the professionals to ensure your parking lot is well maintained and that repairs are fixed.

Proper Precautions During Paving Repairs

Once you’ve decided to give your paving the TLC it deserves, you need to remember that your responsibility doesn’t stop there.

Whether it’s undergoing repairs, maintenance, or clean-ups, you need to ensure people are aware and hazards are avoidable.

Employees and consumers need to be warned of potential hazards and current repair works to avoid slipping, falling or injuring themselves.

The same applies to bad weather. Should parking lots become slippery or flooded, you need to inform pedestrians and drivers and clear what you can.

How Pristine Parking Lot Paving Protects You

For those who continue to care for their parking lot paving and take reasonable precautions, it’s unlikely that the courts will hold them responsible for related incidents.

With no proof of negligence in the duty of reasonable care, claims against you will fall short.

Proving awareness of the existing unsafe conditions and performing proper paving repairs and maintenance ensures you’re accident claim, injury, and liability-free!

Luckily, with a spotless parking lot, these incidents are unlikely to arise in the first place.

How To Remove Parking Lot Risks And Remain Claim Free

Your best bet is dealing with licensed, insured professional paving specialists – that’s where C Aurora Paving comes in!

Our paving professionals are well-versed in the local laws and legalities around parking lot paving. We’ve got the expertise needed to stay safe and on the right side of the law.

Whether you need line removal, line marking, repairs, or parking lot paving; call us today!