The Amazing Benefits Of Asphalt Sealcoating

The Amazing Benefits Of Asphalt Sealcoating

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There is a multitude of seal coating benefits for your asphalt paving on your driveway or parking area. Consider the amazing benefits while doing seal coating 

If you want to add value to your property, then you are researching in the right area. There are a multitude of sealcoating benefits for your asphalt paving driveway or parking area. Consider it to be more of a prophylactic measure, similar to how you paint your home to keep the weather from deteriorating the wood. As with paint on a house, the sealcoating adds a very attractive aesthetic as well.

That attractive, homogenous surface is ideal for painting lines and other markers on parking lots resulting in a generally more attractive finished outcome.

Structural Benefits

Small cracks are treated and sealed by sealcoating, and this prevents development into larger cracks. The risk with larger cracks is that water can gain ingress under your paving, accessing the base material. If water pools there and freezes, it could cause an overall failure of the paving and larger overhaul project. 

The sealcoating also acts as a water repellant agent preventing the seepage of water and moisture from rain and snow, preventing stress from freeze-thaw cycles. The latter is a frequent cause for your asphalt paving to start cracking, delaminate, or to develop dips.

The resilience of new asphalt surfaces can be preserved with sealcoating. The smoother finish also reduces friction, thereby slowing wear and tear. If the asphalt paving has developed signs of rough spots or traffic lines in parking lots, these can be treated with a sealcoat application. 

Sealcoating seals the asphalt protecting it from the sun and preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top layer by replacing the fine particles lost from the asphalt surface due to oxidation on older pavements. It also protects against chemical spills such as gas, diesel fuel, oil, and salt. Chemical penetration breaks down the bond between the aggregate and the liquid asphalt. 

Budget Considerations

Sealcoating is extremely cost-effective per square foot; it delays big-ticket expenditure for overhauls and significantly reduces the frequency of repairs. It reduces water ingress into asphalt, which is otherwise strongly related to asphalt distress.

Aesthetically, the smooth surface also allows for easier cleaning either by cleaning or by rain as dirt and debris are washed away more easily. It is ideal for sweeping, which reduces your cleaning budget. 

All in all, the outlay made for sealcoating is minor compared to the tangible short-term and long-term financial benefits that you derive from it. In addition to which your property value increases due to being in good condition and being aesthetically pleasing.

Are you ready to start your next asphalt sealcoating project with a professional team you can count on to do the job right, on time, and on a budget? 

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