The Difference Between Resurfacing & Replacing Your Asphalt

The Difference Between Resurfacing & Replacing Your Asphalt

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Does your asphalt need resurfacing, or do you suspect that replacement is around the corner? Find the difference between resurfacing & replacing your asphalt 

When your asphalt is looking a bit worse for wear, what do you do? There are a few options available, but the most common question to come about is, “Do we replace or resurface?”. Whether a driveway, pavement area, or parking lot, maintaining your space’s look and grade is integral to your peace of mind. Catching small issues now can save you from massive problems down the road and allow a good-looking entrance to your home or business. Here’s the difference explained.


When creating a new surface layer on top of the existing layer, it can present a fresh look while maintaining integrity. It is a reasonably cheap exercise and ensures that your paved area looks shiny new in a fairly short time. With a black sheen and a clean finish, this does wonders to rejuvenate your space. Best for surface-level issues ranging from cracks, chips in the surface, or warping in areas, this process involves evening out the existing layer before adding new material on top of it to set in place. This is a proven way to take care of minor issues with your paving without breaking the bank.


Undertaking the replacement of your driveway or pavement, on the other hand, is a relatively expensive process reserved for the more extreme cases. Doubling the life of your paved area, this “clean start” approach lets you fully rejuvenate the space and ensure no old material is involved going forward. Taking away any underlying issues or imperfections, this approach enables you to rebuild the layers and provide superior craftsmanship right the way through. The best route forward is to consult a professional and see whether or not they think it is worth the effort to use this method. As a labor-intensive task that will cost you time and money, it is the foolproof way of ensuring your space’s longevity. 

Does your asphalt need resurfacing, or do you suspect that replacement is around the corner? When it’s time to fix your property, you need the best solution available. A large factor in your home or business presentation, don’t let unsightly cracks and potholes ruin your day. No matter how big or small, contact us today for the professional assistance you can trust.