The Importance Of Professional Sanitary Sewer Construction

The Importance Of Professional Sanitary Sewer Construction

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Without a professional sanitary sewer design, you risk flooding your property. Read more why sanitary sewer construction is non-negotiable for any property?  

Sanitary sewers are crucial because they safely transport your sewage to wastewater treatment facilities where it’s recycled and reused. 

But, what’s involved in the average sanitary sewer construction and design process? Read on to find out. 

First Things First – Asphalt Removal

We’ll need to remove your existing asphalt using a milling machine, which grinds up the asphalt so it can be removed and recycled. 

But, why removal instead of repair? We’ll need to get to the gravel base to begin your sewer construction. But, it’s also necessary for older asphalt paving.

Asphalt deteriorates over the years, leaving it rough, uneven, and hard to sweep, drive, or walk on! With new asphalt, you’ll be safer and more comfortable, but you’ll also increase the value of your property with shiny new asphalt paving that’ll last 20 years at least!

Next – Grading And Sewer Construction

The next step is to dig trenches for the pipes. Often, sand will be laid in the trenches to ensure the pipes have continuous support. 

We’ll grade the land to prepare for your sanitary sewer construction and design. This involves leveling the surface by taking dirt from above and moving it into the trenches. This ensures that your sewage flows correctly, preventing accumulation and blockages. 

By grading with a slight slope, you’ll also enjoy thorough drainage, preventing rainwater saturating your paving. This strengthens its durability, preventing cracks and potholes.

After this, your sewer system will be constructed and designed according to the unique needs of your property. After placing the pipes, trenches will be backfilled with dirt.

Finally – Asphalt Repaving

We’ll then prepare the sub-base so your new asphalt has a stable surface to adhere to. After this, we’ll transport the hot-mix asphalt to your site and put down two layers. The first layer is the binder asphalt. The second is the top-coat, which gives your paving a smooth surface. Once this is complete, we’ll compact it down and remark any lines!

Asphalt carries weight much better than concrete, which is why it’s the best choice for paving and driveways! It’s also cheaper to install and handles heat fluctuations better.

After over 30 years’ of successful sanitary sewer construction and design, the process is simple, streamlined, and stress-free at C. Aurora Paving Ltd. We’ve seen, done, and conquered it all! No matter your circumstances or site requirements, our highly trained team will make it happen. 

If you have any questions? Need advice? We’re happy to help; give us a call today for  asphalt paving services