What Is The Correct Process For New Sewage Construction

What Is The Correct Process For New Sewage Construction

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Sewage is not a topic often bantered about at sunset drinks so most property owners have a limited knowledge of it.  Until it goes wrong, but then their knowledge might still be limited whilst their understanding of its importance increases exponentially.

Correct sewer construction is crucial because they safely transport hazardous sewage to wastewater treatment facilities.

When redoing your sewer lines or putting in new sewer construction it involves a few stages.  Here is a quick overview:

Determining the Elevations

The land is surveyed and the length of piping is ascertained as well as the depth of each pipe. The pipe slopes downhill to the city mains. Elevations are measure and laid out with a laser level, GPS, and/or traditional surveying equipment.

Calculate the Slope

Elevations and lengths calculate out to the initial slope. The total drop in elevation is calculated and divided by the total length which gives the engineer the slope.

Usually the minimum slope for laterals is 2 percent. In reality this can be steeper but must meet local code requirements. Too steep and liquids run faster than solids and clogging happens. Too shallow and drainage can be so slow that it clogs.

Asphalt Removal

Your paving company will remove the existing asphalt using a milling machine, which grinds up the asphalt so it can be removed and recycled which is good for our beloved planet.  It may be best to remove a larger than necessary section of asphalt rather than have a new patch in the middle of old asphalt.  Asphalt ages and when you need to replace the older, larger area you may damage the small narrow patch done.  Do a larger, significant area and last 20 years without needing to be disturbed.


The paving company can execute the trenching.  For a sewer lateral this is carefully done as the aim to prevent unnecessary disturbance of surrounding soil.  Disturbed soil must be thoroughly compacted.  Compaction avoids settling and settling is avoided because it removes support away from pipes which stresses them.

Trenching is as narrow as possible.

Next, the bottom of the trench is measured by the paving company and graded to the required slope.  Then it is smoothed and compacted.  A layer of concrete is provided for soft soil and then a sandy bedding material is laid.  This provides continuous support for the pipe and allows fine-tuning of the slope.

The grading of the upper ground level occurs simultaneously, which prevents rainwater saturating your paving and pooling. This gives durability, prevents cracks and potholes.

Sewer System

Next the sewer system is constructed according to the engineers design.

1. The manhole positions are marked on the ground along the sewer line.

2. Pegs are driven in at a distance of every 7.5 m or 15m along the center line of the sewer/

3. The center line is obtained from the pre-established off-set line (offset about 2m to 3m). The off-set line is handy to reset the centre line after the trenching.

5. The sewer pipe is laid between two manholes. The process is repeated between the next consecutive manholes. The process is started at the end of the fall, moving towards the start.

6. When all the pipes are laid and test for leakage under pressure, refilling of trenches starts quickly. 

Asphalt Repaving

The paving company prepares and stabilizes the sub-base and two layers of hot mix asphalt are laid. The first layer is the binder asphalt. The second is the smooth top-coat.

Once complete, it is compacted and any necessary lines are repainted.

Call the helpful C. Aurora Paving team if you have any questions or need advice. We’re happy to help. After over 30 years’ of successful sanitary sewer construction and design, the process is simple, streamlined, and stress-free.  Our highly trained team will make it happen.