When Is It The Best Season For A Driveway Repair?

When Is It The Best Season For A Driveway Repair?

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February is the season to be romantic, and December is the season to be festive but when is it the season for driveway repair services?  

Understandably, your first reaction is to want to do your driveway repair job immediately. In fact, it is an industry best practice to do it immediately as it prevents further degradation. You, as an owner, will not enjoy a driveway in poor condition awaiting repair for a long period. 

The challenge you may face, though, is that paving or driveway repairs at the wrong time of year can turn out to be a costly misjudgment. Significant repair projects and new paving should be planned for the late spring and summer months. Of course, if there is an emergency patching required, this can certainly be done at any time. 

Here are our expert contractors’ top industry tips:

Why Is The Season Important?

The process of paving involves a hot “stew” of asphalt being delivered to your home in a heated truck. The specialized delivery vehicle is heated and therefore keeps the asphalt in a liquid state. The consistent heat keeps the aggregates (stones) within it suspended evenly and ensures the viscosity is correct for pouring. When the exterior temperature is complimentary, the asphalt is poured and leveled off while still vicious. It then slowly cools to a durable, strong surface.

Obviously, with cold weather, the asphalt cools faster when poured. This can result in an uneven pour. The surface can also harden before the job is finished causing diminished bonding between areas. If the ground is frozen, this might cause the embedded stones to loosen or break free from the mix. This means an uneven look and level that could damage the underlying structure of the asphalt. This could then allow water intrusion resulting in premature asphalt failure. 

Is Some Rain Okay? 

Rain is definitely not a friend of asphalt paving services for your driveway repair. It is considered ok to do an asphalt paving service in a drizzle but should that change to larger amounts of rain the asphalt will cool. Depending on the stage, it might cause water damage when laying the base layers. We don’t believe it’s worth the risk, so we recommend choosing the drier summer months to schedule your driveway repair project.

Emergency Repairs

Now you are caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s cold, and your driveway develops serious potholes, deep cracks, or other major signs of structural failure needing immediate repair. In this instance, we would propose a cold mix asphalt solution.

As per the name, it does need constant heat. Specialized retarding chemicals are added to the mix, thereby keeping it pliable even in freezing weather. This, however, is viewed as a temporary solution to get you through the winter. We recommend replacing it with a hot mix when the hot weather returns. 

If you’re ready to repair your driveway, then C Aurora Paving is ready for you! With over 40 years’ experience, we have the expertise you need for timely, strategic driveway repairs and sound advice. 

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